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Sharks in a Road

Sunday, 26 May, 2013

Dream last night:

A kilometre-long section of a four-lane road was all dug up on one side, closing two lanes, and the traffic diverted to use the two lanes on the other side, single-file each direction. The enormous hole in the ground was surrounded by concrete barriers to stop people falling in. But then it rained and all the workers in the hole were trapped and couldn’t climb out, so they were left swimming in this kilometre-long giant pool of water. And then a truck carrying live sharks crashed and spilled the sharks into the water, cueing a desperate struggle for survival by the trapped people.

Interpretations of this dream welcome.

Tyrannosaurus facts

Sunday, 5 May, 2013

Dream last night: There was an extended documentary-like sequence in which I learnt many interesting facts about Tyrannosauruses by way of comparisons with modern animals. One in particular stood out:

“A Tyrannosaurus rex can comfortably ride on a giraffe. If only the giraffe could support the weight – but then that’s hardly a design flaw in the T. rex.”

New York dream

Sunday, 5 June, 2011

Dream from the other night:

I’d been on a trip to New York, and as usual I’d taken a lot of photos. In particular, there was one street scene of the surrounding architecture that I’d been pleased to spot, and had composed a lovely photo to capture it. But when I got back home and reviewed my photos, that one shot hadn’t turned out exactly as I’d planned it, for some reason.

So the next weekend, I left work on Friday afternoon, went to the airport, and hopped on a flight to New York. Some 24 or so hours later I was in New York, left the airport, got a taxi to the exact same location on the street, recomposed the photo, took it, hopped back in the taxi and went straight back to the airport, where I hopped on a flight home, just in time to go to work on Monday morning.

I didn’t even get to see how the re-taken photo turned out.