New York dream

Dream from the other night:

I’d been on a trip to New York, and as usual I’d taken a lot of photos. In particular, there was one street scene of the surrounding architecture that I’d been pleased to spot, and had composed a lovely photo to capture it. But when I got back home and reviewed my photos, that one shot hadn’t turned out exactly as I’d planned it, for some reason.

So the next weekend, I left work on Friday afternoon, went to the airport, and hopped on a flight to New York. Some 24 or so hours later I was in New York, left the airport, got a taxi to the exact same location on the street, recomposed the photo, took it, hopped back in the taxi and went straight back to the airport, where I hopped on a flight home, just in time to go to work on Monday morning.

I didn’t even get to see how the re-taken photo turned out.

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