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The Flower in my Mind, overlay

The Flower in My Mind image is a cerebral angiogram of the blood vessels in my brain taken in 2001 during a serious illness, overlaid on an MRI scan of my head.

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  1. Jeff Zeitlin says:

    Saw your comment on LJ; sorry to see you leave there – but I have an idea: I hold a permanent account there, which means that I can create syndication accounts, which can take RSS or Atom feeds and make them available on people’s LJ Friends pages. If you’ll permit me to do that for Carpe DMM, I’ll do so, let you know what name it is (will try for “carpe-dmm”), and you can make one last announcement on DMMaus to let your current friends/followers on LJ know about the change. After that, it’s pretty much ‘you ignore LJ; when you post to Carpe DMM, the syndication routines at LJ will automatically feed it into carpe-dmm’. Commenting may be an issue; I’ll look into that as well, if you want to allow me to go ahead with this, and I’ll include the info in the response.

  2. Sure, that would be fine! I thought about that, but didn’t want to impose on anyone.

  3. Jeff Zeitlin says:

    OK, created – name is carpe_dmm; LJ doesn’t allow hyphens in account names. Can’t find out whether commenting is allowed, and if it is, where they go; will continue searching for info.

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