That’s never happened while grocery shopping before

I was doing the grocery shopping today. We keep the shopping list in OneNote, synced live via cloud so wife and I can both add/remove items at any time wherever we are.

So as usual I’m deleting items from the list on my phone as I pick them up, to keep track of what I still need to grab. I got everything and the list was completely empty. Headed towards the checkouts…

The fire alarm goes off. Staff tell everyone to leave their unpaid groceries behind and evacuate the building immediately.

So I’m standing outside with about a hundred people, without my groceries, and with my entire shopping list deleted.

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  1. jpl says:

    I use “reminders” on my iPhone to keep track of assorted shopping lists. A nice feature is that each item in each list has a checkbox (check-circle, to be precise) that can be checked when the item is complete. And each list has a “Show/Hide Completed” option at the bottom, which, when Hide is in effect, causes checked items to not be displayed (the disappearance takes a while). If Show is selected, the checked items reappear. This means I have to go through a separate pass to actually delete checked (or unchecked) items. (It would be nice to have a “delete all checked items” button, but my lists tend to be short enough to make item-at-a-time deletion tolerable). This would have saved your bacon, as we say in the US (even if you had checked bacon off).

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