Northern and southern points

I was idly checking where in the world I’ve been to that has the highest northern latitude, and wondering if my recent trip to Sapporo, Japan, set a new mark. But no, Sapporo is a mere 43.1°N, beaten by the following places I’ve been:

But the winner is this little town:

  • Stade, Germany: 53.6°N

On the other side of the equator, I’ve been to:

  • Santiago, Chile: 33.5°S (Actually, I live further south than this, but it’s the furthest south I’ve been on another continent.)
  • Lunawanna, Australia: 43.5°S
  • Mossburn, New Zealand: 45.7°S

Given where Mossburn is and the reason why it’s the southernmost point I’ve been to, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was also the southernmost point of many other people. But I doubt Stade is the northernmost point of very many people (other than maybe people born there who’ve never travelled).

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  1. Þorkell says:

    I’ve been further north than you, but you’ve been further south than I.

    The furthest south I’ve been is someplace near Washington DC (and incidentally that’d also be the furthest I’ve been from Iceland). The furthest north I’ve been is the northernmost point of Iceland (roughly 66°N). And while writing this I discovered that Wikipedia may have wrong info on the northernmost point of Iceland.

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