Ranking: Ball sports

(Selected sports)

By increasing ball size: squash, golf, snooker, tennis, cricket, hockey, baseball, softball, lawn bowls, American football (shortest dimension), Australian rules football (shortest dimension), rugby league and rugby union (shortest dimension), volleyball, bowling, football (soccer), basketball.

By increasing number of pro games I have watched live at the venue: basketball (1), baseball (2), cricket (dozens), rugby league (approx. 100). Others zero.

By increasing number of pro games I have watched live on TV: hockey (1 or 2), basketball (a few), football (soccer) (a dozen or so), rugby union (a dozen or so), lawn bowls (approx. 20), American football (tens), baseball (dozens), snooker (scores), rugby league (approx. 100), cricket (hundreds). Others zero.

By increasing number of games I have played: volleyball (a few), softball (a dozen or so), squash (tens), tennis (dozens), snooker (scores).

I’ve played a bunch of informal touch rugby and lots of informal cricket, which were not organised games with formalised score-keeping.

3 Responses to “Ranking: Ball sports”

  1. Kevin says:

    I am not sure I’d count Hockey as a ball sport, but I can easily see that it is very close. The puck isn’t much further off-round than an American football. Would you count Badminton as a ball sport?

  2. I meant hockey, not ice hockey. You know, hockey, the game played on a grass field? :-)

  3. James Eck says:

    I had no idea that squash balls were so small, and I was surprised to find that Snooker is a completely different thing that Pool. All I knew of cue games was 8-ball and 9-ball. Handball and Racquetball being included might help wrap my mind around it, since I don’t have a good notion of how big a golf ball or a squash ball is.

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