Australian brushturkeyFollowing up my urban bird post of the other day, I was astonished this morning to come across a pair of Australian brushturkeys while walking to the station to catch the train to work. I know these birds are around the city, but I’ve never seen some so close before, nor so close to my home.

They’re very territorial, so I’ll probably see them again in the future if they’ve moved into the area. At this time of year they’re probably either building compost mounds to incubate their eggs, or already looking after a clutch of eggs or chicks somewhere nearby.

2 Responses to “Brushturkey!”

  1. Breen says:

    Cool! Another bird I’ve never heard of.

    You’re in Melbourne, IIRC. The Wikipedia article says that these birds extend as
    far south as NSW, so I guess they’re expanding their range?

  2. No, I’m in Sydney. Right at the southern end of the range.

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