Who can dance?

I did a one-day course at work yesterday on creative and innovative thinking. It was fun and interesting, and I think I picked up some good ideas. The guy giving the course told us a few stories.

One time he was talking to a group of a couple hundred or so kids, maybe around 8 or 9 years old. He yelled excitedly, “Who here can dance?!” And every single kid got up and started dancing around wildly.

Another time he was addressing a group of a couple of hundred business executives. He yelled excitedly, “Who here can dance?!” Not a single one of them moved.

His question: When did all those adults forget how to dance?

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  1. Fant says:

    Those adults most likely forgot to dance at the same time most of them turn from inquisitive, playful and eager to learn kids into stubborn, resistant-to-change jobsworths … Matter of education, methinks.

  2. Bennee says:

    For me dancing ceased being cool maybe when I was 8. I think its because its when your compulsion to judge people is at a tipping point and becomes a fear of being judged.

    IMO it goes like this (starting at age 2). First thing you learn to judge is activities; fun or boring. Then you learn to categorize ‘baddy’/mean and goody/nice. Then you learn smart/quiet and stupid/crazy. This is the stage you start to fear what society thinks of you (rather than fearing a smack from mum, being punched or being shouted at). At this point society can prevent you from doing things without showing you a clear punishment.

    Not that I’m not a psychologist so I’m talking out of my arse.

  3. Drachefly says:

    8 or 9 year olds would not be expected to dance coherently, and they know it. The question means something completely different when aimed at them. Asking a room full of executives if they can get up and move to the rhythm at least as well as an a bottom-decile 8 year old can… that might produce a different response.

  4. The Ridger says:

    Also, “who can dance?” isn’t really “get up and dance now!” is it? Also, I’d be irritated if the seminar I was attending turned into a dance…

  5. Tah says:

    I would guess they lost the ability to dance right around the time of their first middle school boy-girl dance. Especially if they were male.

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