Caves of Chaos maps

Caves of ChaosDid you ever play or run dungeon module B2: The Keep on the Borderlands? Check out these gorgeous reimagined maps of the Caves of Chaos, by Weem.

The D&D nerd and the cartography nerd within me are both squeeing with glee.

4 Responses to “Caves of Chaos maps”

  1. Tah says:

    Great googily moogily. Those are great!

  2. Weem says:

    Glad you like it ;)

  3. Mark Simpson says:

    A real gallop down Amnesia Avenue…those were the days.. a choice of D&D, Traveller or Runequest – that’s your lot. No wonder we ended up writing our own systems!

  4. Gerry McDade says:

    Oh baby, this is so great. I’m running this in Roll20, and just scanned in and cut up the map from the Goodman reprint. I wish I’d found this sooner because it’s DEFINITELY better than what I’d been working with. Thank you so much!

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