The December without a summer

Sydney weather, December 2011It’s supposed to be summer here, but you wouldn’t know it. Here’s a graph of Sydney’s weather for December so far, including official observations and the current 7-day forecast.

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2 Responses to “The December without a summer”

  1. Mikko Parviainen says:

    It’s strange and interesting how the perceptions differ: I’d say that’s a pretty nice summer weather, though the rain might be a bit much. How *should* the summer weather look like, then?

    Then again, I don’t like Sun that much, if it shines down from the sky. We just had a holiday trip for a week, and the weather was a comfortable 20-25 C, usually with clouds. The couple of days when the Sun shone were pretty hot and uncomfortable for me not to be in the shade.

    Lack of rain was somewhat of a problem, though, mostly for the locals, of course. Grass gets pretty dry soon if it’s not watered.

  2. Well the average is 25.2°C, so we’d normally expect several days approaching or over 30°C, and even into the high 30s. And not nearly so much rain.

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