I won an Emmy and didn’t even know it

Holy cow.

I just discovered that at least year’s Emmy Awards – almost exactly a year ago – the Star Wars Uncut project won the Emmy for Best Interactive Media.

The Star Wars Uncut project that some friends and I filmed two of the segments for.

We won an Emmy Award.

Yeah, okay, we contributed a tiny part of the whole, and it was all organised and run by other, more deserving people… but….

We won a frakking Emmy Award.

I am so putting that on my resumé.

3 Responses to “I won an Emmy and didn’t even know it”

  1. Tom West says:

    Awesome! That makes you probably the only Emmy-winning webcomic creator out there… and for good measure, probably the only Emmy winner with a PhD in Phsyics :-)

  2. Erik says:

    Hahaha, that’s awesome. Do you know where we can watch the whole movie or where we can get it? I have seen the parts you did with your friends but I’m kinda curious to the whole movie now.

  3. There’s a link to streaming video of the whole movie from the Star Wars Uncut home page.

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