Glossary of Cricket Terms

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ICC 1. n. the International Cricket Council.

In 1. n. the state of a batsman who is currently batting.

Infield 1. n. the region of the field within the rough circle bordered by the wicket-keeper, slips, gully, point, cover, mid off, mid on, midwicket, and square leg. cf. outfield.

Inner 1. n. a thin inner glove worn inside batting gloves or wicket-keeping gloves.

Innings 1. n. one side's turn to bat and score runs, completed when ten batsmen are out.
2. n. one innings of each side, considered together.
3. n. the total number of runs scored during one side's innings.
4. n. an individual's turn batting, from the time he begins batting until he gets out or the side's innings ends.
5. n. the number of runs a single player has scored during his innings.
plural innings.

Inside Edge 1. n. the edge of a cricket bat closest to the body of the batsman, on the leg side as the bat is held vertically.
2. n. a deflection of the cricket ball off the inside edge of the striker's bat, usually travelling fine on the leg side behind square, sometimes to the wicket-keeper for a catch. cf. outside edge, top edge, bottom edge
3. v.t. to hit the ball with the inside edge of the bat.

Inside Out 1. adv. describing the hitting of a ball pitched on or outside leg stump to the off side of the field. The batsman was forced to play inside out.

Inswing 1. n. swing of the ball through the air inwards towards the batsman. That ball had some inswing on it.
2. adj. describing a bowler who uses inswing(1) to move the ball. He is an inswing bowler.

Inswinger 1. n. a ball that swings through the air inwards towards the batsman.
2. n. a bowler who uses inswing.

International Cricket Council 1. n. the official organising body of world cricket.

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