Glossary of Cricket Terms

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Against The Spin 1. adj. describing the act of hitting a ball in the direction opposite to that in which it is spinning off the pitch, such as hitting an off break to the off side or a leg break to the leg side. cf. with the spin.

Agricultural 1. adj. (of a batting shot) unskilled, often lofting the ball into the air on the leg side. cf. cow shot.

All Out 1. n. the state of a side having no more batsmen available to bat, thus ending its innings, even if some batsman have not yet batted but are unavailable due to injury.

All Rounder 1. n. a player skilled in both batting and bowling, and who regularly does both in matches.

Appeal 1. n. the act (by the fielding side) of asking an umpire for a decision of whether a batsman is out or not.
2. v.i. to make such an appeal.

Arm Ball 1. n. a type of ball bowled by an off spin bowler, which has little or no spin on it. cf. zooter.

Around The Wicket 1. adv. describing the method of bowling in which a bowler delivers the ball from the side of the wicket that puts his dominant hand farther from the wicket; opposite of over the wicket. He decided to bowl around the wicket to the batsman.

Ashes, The 1. n. the trophy contested over a Test series between Australia and England once every two years.
2. n. the Test series played between Australia and England once every two years.

Attack 1. n. collectively, the bowlers of a cricket side.
2. v.i. to set a field or bowl in a manner designed to get wickets.
3. v.i. to bat aggressively, in order to score runs quickly.
4. v.t. to aim balls at the batsman's wicket. The bowler attacked the batsman's stumps.

Attacking 1. adj. describing a bowling tactic designed to take wickets.
2. adj. describing a batting tactic designed to score runs quickly.

Attacking Field 1. n. a field set with fielders in places designed to get wickets, possibly at the expense of giving away runs.

Average 1. n. batting average.
2. n. bowling average.

Away Swing 1. n. outswing.

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