Glossary of Cricket Terms

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Economy Rate 1. n. a statistic for bowlers equal to the number of runs conceded divided by the number of overs bowled; the number of runs scored off a bowler on average per over bowled.

Edge 1. n. the edge of a cricket bat.
2. n. a deflection of the cricket ball off the edge of the striker's bat, usually travelling fine behind square, and often to the wicket-keeper or slips fielders for a catch. cf. inside edge, outside edge, top edge, bottom edge.
3. v.t. to hit the ball with the edge of the bat and produce a fine deflection.

Eleven 1. n. a cricket team of eleven players.
2. n. the eleven players who play in a cricket match, excluding the twelfth man and any other designated substitutes.

End 1. n. one of the ends of the pitch.
2. n. one of the parts of the cricket ground, in line with one of the two ends of the pitch, used as a descriptive name for that half of the ground. The bowler ran in from the River End of the ground.

Extra 1. n. a run scored without the ball having hit the striker's bat; either a no ball, wide, bye, or leg bye; synonym of sundry.

Extra Cover 1. n. fielding position on the off side, about 45 degrees forward of square, between cover and mid off.

Extras 1. n. plural of extra; synonym of sundries.
2. n. the total of all the extras scored in an innings.

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