Glossary of Cricket Terms

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Garden 1. v.i. (of a batsman) to inspect and tap the pitch lightly with the bat in order to smooth out small rough patches and irregularities; synonym of farm.

Gardening 1. v.i. present participle of garden.
2. n. the act (of a batsman) of inspecting and tapping the pitch lightly with the bat in order to smooth out small rough patches and irregularities; synonym of farming.

Gate 1. n. the gap between a batsman's bat and his pad. He was bowled through the gate.

Give 1. v.t. (of an umpire) to rule a batsman out after an appeal by the fielding side. The umpire gave the batsman out LBW.

Gloves 1. n. batting gloves.
2. n. wicket-keeping gloves.

Go In 1. v.i. (of a batsman) to walk on to the field to begin to bat for the first time in an innings; synonym of come out. The new batsman went in to bat.

Golden Duck 1. n. a batsman's score of zero runs, after getting out on the first ball faced. The batsman got out for a golden duck. cf. duck.

Good Length 1. n. a range of distance down the pitch from the bowler to the batsman considered to be the best place to pitch the ball to produce a delivery likely to get the batsman out or restrict him from scoring runs; the length at which the ball bounces on the pitch just too far away from the batsman for the ball to be comfortably played from either the front foot or back foot. That ball was pitched on a good length.
2. adj. describing a ball pitched on a good length. That was a good length delivery.

Googly 1. n. a type of ball bowled by a leg spin bowler, which spins from off to leg to a right-handed batsman, unlike a normal leg break.

Green 1. adj. describing a pitch on which the grass is still visibly green, or which still contains a significant amount of moisture, even if not actually green in colour.

Green Top 1. n. a pitch on which the grass is still visibly green, indicating significant moisture still in the pitch, and which can cause unpredictable bounce for a fast bowler, making batting difficult.

Ground 1. n. the area of grass on which a cricket match is played, consisting of the entire area within the boundary; a cricket field.
2. n. the entire sports arena in which a cricket match is played, including the spectator areas outside the boundary.
3. n. the part of the field behind a batsman's popping crease; the safe territory where he cannot be run out. The batsman made his ground so was not run out.
4. v.t. (of a batsman) to place his bat or part of his body on the ground behind his popping crease.

Grubber 1. n. a ball that bounces unusually low off the pitch, often causing difficulties for the batsman to play at it successfully.

Guard 1. n. the position on the popping crease where a batsman makes a mark to align his bat with the wicket behind him, so that he knows where the wicket is. cf. take guard.

Gully 1. n. fielding position on the off side, about 30 degrees behind square, a static catching position designed to catch the ball after it hits the edge of the bat and deflects a long way, or for misplaced cut shots; fielding position between the slips and point.
2. n. a fielder fielding in a gully position.

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