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Cold Marshes

This enormous swampland remains virtually unexplored by humans. It stretches between Blackmoor, Iuz, and the lands of the Wolf Nomads and the Rovers of the Barrens. The climate is far too cold for lizard men, who would be the only intelligent race who might otherwise be tempted to live here. The only certain inhabitants are vile monsters and black dragons.


The Gnatmarsh nestles in the wet lands between the confluence of the Nesser and Duntide Rivers, at the edge of Nyrond. The terrain is extremely treacherous, forming the most hazardous part of the trip down the Nesser River from the Nyr Dyv to the Sea of Gearnat. A few ships each year lose their way and end up lost in the maze of semi-navigable channels which riddle the marshes. Many lizard men live in the swamp areas, as well as other less savoury creatures, including black dragons. The marshes get their name from the millions of biting insects which swarm here during the summer months.

Hool Marshes

Once the swift-flowing Hool River leaves the foothills of the Hellfurnaces it spreads into a broad, slow meander across the plains, giving rise to the waterlogged lands of the Hool Marshes. The bogs here are dotted with standing pools of deep, fetid water - home to numerous lurking horrors. The marshes form the border between The Yeomanry and the Hold of the Sea Princes. Outlaws and renegade humans live in the outer edges, while lizard men patrol within. Other humanoids and monsters also inhabit these swamps, and the occasional black dragon.

Lone Heath

The Lone Heath is a trackless stretch of wetland near the coast of the Great Kingdom on the northern border of Medegia. It hides bands of outlaws caught between the wars affecting both countries, as well as human and demi-human refugees and resistance fighters. No lizard men are known to live on the heath, and few humanoids. The occasional monster does appear though.

Pelisso Swamp

This is a largely unexplored stretch of swampland on the northern coast of Hepmonaland. It is only notable because it is carefully avoided by expeditions from the Spindrift Isles and the Lordship of the Isles which sometimes cross the Oljatt Sea in search of tropical hardwoods. What secrets and creatures dwell within is unknown.


The Rushmoors are a large patch of wet moorland at the northern end of Keoland, between Sterich and Gran March. Humans venture into the outskirts to dig peat, but seldom venture far inwards, where lizard men, humanoids, and various monsters abound. There are persistent stories of black dragons lurking in the middle of the bogs, but none have been seen in living memory.

Troll Fens

As the name suggests, the Troll Fens are infested with loathsome trolls, living in these fearful and fetid swamps at the base of the Griff Mountains. Neither the people of Tenh nor The Pale, which border this region, venture beyond the edges of the fens. Both have towers ringing the area to guard against incursions by trolls and other creatures. No lizard men are believed to live within the swamp - the climate is probably too cold for them. Thus it is given over completely to evil and hostile beings, including black dragons and the odd white dragon.

Vast Swamp

The rivers of Sunndi drain into this low-lying area, ringed by hills with no outlet to the sea, creating a truly vast and waterlogged region of standing pools and sluggish currents thoroughly overgrown with constantly rotting vegetation. Navigation is almost impossible through this morass, and the majority of it remains unexplored by humans. The swamp is a major lizard man habitat however, and these keep the populations of less desirable humanoids and monsters relatively low. Despite this, there is certainly a population of black dragons lurking within, and there are constant rumours of undead armies being raised by a powerful lich who dwells somewhere near the centre of the swamp.
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