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Barrier Peaks

The Barrier Peaks are the northern extension of the great Crystalmist Mountains, stretching north as far as the Bramblewood Forest. The range separates the Baklunish lands to the northwest from those populated by Oeridian-Suloise descendents to the southeast. Hidden deep within the mountains is the Valley of the Mage. Several dwarven communities are known to call these mountains home. The Barrier Peaks are also infamous for harbouring hostile humanoids and strange monsters, including the occasional red dragon.

Clatspur Range

The Clatspurs form a small northern arm of the Yatil Mountains, enfolding the estern side of Perrenland. The Clatspurs are more a dissected plateau than true mountains, and navigation amongst the clifftops and steep-sided valleys is treacherous. There is a broad pass between the Clatspurs and the Yatils, through which the Velverdyva River flows from Perrenland past the City of Highfolk to Veluna. The plateau holds a few Perren towns and some gnomish communities. Not much is known about the interior regions.

Corusk Mountains

The Corusk Mountains form the spine of the peninsula holding the barbarian lands, meeting the Griff Mountains at the Hraak Pass which links Stonefist and the land of the Frost Barbarians. One long and dangerous high pass through the range proper is known, connecting the lands of the Ice Barbarians and Snow Barbarians. The foothills are inhabited by humans but the higher peaks are home to humanoids and monsters of all types. The weather is too cold even for dwarves, but suits some giants and white dragons. The range is believe to be full of mines and tunnels, linked together and forming a vast subterranean underworld. Being so far north, the climate on the mountains is always intensely cold and many glaciers creep down to the Icy Sea where they calve icebergs.

Crystalmist Mountains

This impressive range contains the tallest peaks in The Demesnes, easily topping 7000 metres. These permanently snowcapped summits cover hundreds of miles of terrain, separating the civilised lands of Geoff, Sterich, and The Yeomanry from the Dry Steppes. Several glaciers exist in the central ranges, some giving rise to the Davish River which flows through Sterich. The Crystalmists are hostile territory, with severe weather and the threat of numerous monsters including both red and white dragons. Dwarves live among some of the lesser peaks and foothills, and the legendary Halls of Darnak are thought to be hidden somewhere within the range by most dwarven scholars, though others prefer the Barrier Peaks, Jotens or even the Sulhaut Mountains. One tortuous and dangerous pass through the mountains is known, connecting Sterich to the Dry Steppes, but it is rarely travelled.


The Drachensgrab is a small group of mountains in the middle of The Pomarj. Despite its small extent, the central peaks tower thousands of metres high. The mountains are well known to be rich in minerals, precious metals, and gems, but have become almost inaccessible to humans and dwarves with the humanoid invasion of The Pomarj. Many productive mines have been lost and now harbour orcs, goblins, hobgoblins, bugbears, and worse. Some monsters were known to live amongst the higher peaks, and they have probably multiplied without human presence. The mountains are said to be cursed, and that tragedy will befall all who quarry them. Additionally, legends tell of some powerful beings which lie in rest under the mountains and who will arise in anger if ever disturbed


A small range, the Glorioles mark the current border between the Great Kingdom and Sunndi. Border forts from both countries dot the ranges and recently some battles have been fought in the mountains. A good number of dwarves live in the mountains. Upset at the disturbances, most have sided with Sunndi in the conflict and fight alongside the humans in an effort to restore peace to the Glorioles. Some small tribes of humanoids can also be found in the range, keeping low but emerging to loot battlefields and weary troops.

Griff Mountains

As the name suggests, the Griff Mountains are home to a good number of griffons and hippogriffs, as well as other more exotic monsters. The range separates the civilised portions of The Demesnes from the barbarian lands to the northeast, and connects with the Rakers to the south and the Corusk Mountains to the northeast. It is a vast and impenetrable chain of high peaks and permanent snowcaps. Only two passes through narrower sections are known, one connecting Tenh to Stonefist, and the other joining Stonefist and the land of the Frost Barbarians. Both are seldom-travelled and fraught with danger from the climate and monsters. Rumours exist of a tiny princedom sequestered in the centre of the mountains, rich in precious metals and gems, but no evidence has ever been produced. Some dwarves do live amongst the lower flanking peaks, but none are known to inhabit the hostile central regions.


The Hellfurnaces are the southern arm of the Crystalmist Mountains, but have quite a different character since they are volcanically active. The range separates the Hold of the Sea Princes from the Sea of Dust. Most eruptions are closer to the Sea of Dust, so inhabited lands are seldom affected. All sorts of monsters make their homes in these mountains, especially those who love heat and fire, such as red dragons and fire giants. The mountains of the Hellfurnaces are said to be riddled with underground passages, extending scores or even hundreds of miles in all directions. Some are rumoured to be inhabited by dark elves, and other stories mention even more unspeakable denizens. There are even stranger rumours of a natural gateway to the Plane of Elemental Fire hidden near a volcano. No dwarves or humans are known to live in the Hellfurnaces and few dare venture in to explore. There are supposedly passes through the range to the Sea of Dust, assumed to have been used by the ancient Suloise, but none are known to modern mapmakers.


The Jotens are an eastward spur of the great Crystalmist Mountains, marking the boundary between Sterich and The Yeomanry. These are relatively populous for tall mountains, with several dwarven towns and a considerable number of giants living amongst the peaks. Being tall and broad, and with an easy route around them, no passes through the range are known to humans. Humanoid and monster populations are low due to the number of other inhabitants, but not zero.

Lortmil Mountains

The Lortmil Mountains are old and weathered, making this range lower and more hospitable than many others. Surrounded by civilised nations, it contains fewer monsters and sees more travel and mining than any other major mountain range in The Demesnes. It is the home to many dwarven communities and a good number of highland human settlements, mostly belonging to Gran March, the Duchy of Ulek, and the County of Ulek. The many foothills around the range are populated by gnomes and halflings, and even a few elves in Celene. Several passes cross the mountains and traffic is not uncommon, though a few trade caravans are lost each year.

The Rakers

The southern spur of the Griff Mountains, the Rakers is a tall, jagged range separating The Pale from Ratik and the Bone March. A seldom-used pass connects The Pale and Ratik - it is dangerous since the mountains are infested with humanoids and monsters, including giants and red dragons. Despite this, numerous dwarves also live among the peaks.

Sulhaut Mountains

This is the range of mountains running between the Dry Steppes and the Sea of Dust. It connects to the Crystalmist Mountains, forming a solid barrier around the Sea of Dust. A handful of passes are thought to exist, but there is little reason for anyone to travel across this range. There are certainly monsters and dragons to be found, and possibly dark elves.


The Ulsprues are a small arm of the Crystalmist Mountains extending north from near where they join the Barrier Peaks, and separating the Dry Steppes from the lands of Ull. A relatively minor range, the Ulsprues are still nearly 100 kilometres across and nearly 300 kilometres long, creating a spacious home for monsters and some rumoured dwarven outposts.

Yatil Mountains

Like the Barrier Peaks, the Yatil Mountains form a natural border to the Baklunish lands to the west. In this case, however, the lands to the northeast are Flan rather than Oeridian. This broad range rivals the Crystalmists for height in some places and contains much icy terrain. A narrow pass between Ket and Perrenland is much-used as a trade route and is relatively safe for travellers. Away from this region humanoids and monsters abound, however. Some doughty dwarves make their homes in the Yatils, which are rich with minerals and ores. The mountains are said to be full of labyrinthine cave systems, perhaps inhabited by dark elves or other sinister races.
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