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Adri Forest

The Adri is a large forested area mostly within the boundaries of the Great Kingdom, but partially shared with Almor and the North Province. A large population of elves once lived in the forest, but they have been driven to the deep interior by their hostile human neighbours and contact with them is now rare. Human foresters and hunters plunder the edges of the forest for wood and game. Occasionally they meet horrible fates at the hands of monsters, but for the most part the forest is benign.

Amedio Jungle

This vast jungle in the far south is visited only infrequently, by expeditions from the Hold of the Sea Princes searching for tropical woods and spices. These groups do not venture far inland because of hostile natives. The native humans are barely above savagery and are rumoured to be cannibals. Scholars generally agree that they are either pure-blooded remnants of the ancient Suloise civilisation, reverted to savagery, or genuine native people mixed with Suloise blood. Some evidence of lizard man inhabitation has also been found. Some explorers tell tales of magnificent cities decorated with gold and gems deep within the jungles, perhaps relics of Suloise civilisation. That obvious savages could build cities of their own is clearly nonsense.


This is a relatively tiny woodland between Keoland and the Duchy of Ulek. A small number of elves are said to live within, but no humans have seen them in living memory. There are a few monsters to be found, but no humanoids.

Bramblewood Forest

The Bramblewood covers more than half the territory claimed by Ket. A major road through the middle of the wood connects Ket to Bissel. A few petty bandits are the worst problem on this road, since it is regularly patrolled. Other roads are more dangerous as travellers sometimes fall victim to monsters, including green dragons. A few humanoid bands use the forest as a base for raiding Ket towns. Elves are known to live deep within the forest, against the foothills bordering the Barrier Peaks, but they keep to themselves and are seldom seen by humans.

Burneal Forest

The cold and trackless regions north of the Tiger Nomads and Wolf Nomads lands are blanketed with a thick forest of pine, fir, and spruce trees which stretches in a band over 1500 kilometres long. The nomads sometimes visit the southern forest edges for wood and game, but seldom venture far within for fear of the many lurking monsters dwelling there. Information on the deep interior of the woods is non-existant, but it can be surmised that it will be a hostile place full of dangerous terrain and more deadly creatures.

Celadon Forest

The Celadon Forest is an ancient elven stronghold, now amongst the most populous elven communities in The Demesnes. It lies between Nyrond and the Duchy of Urnst, just north of the Gnatmarsh. The elves have set up trading towns along the banks of the Nesser River - this major cargo shipping thoroughfare runs through the middle of the forest from the Nyr Dyv to the Sea of Gearnat. The elves are friendly to the surrounding countries, but enforce responsible forestry on those who inhabit the outer reaches of the woods. The southern and western borders of the forest sometimes see encroachments by humanoids and monsters from the Gnatmarsh or the hills surrounding the Bright Desert, but the elves generally see off such threats.

Dim Forest

Occupying the corner between Bissel, Geoff, and Gran March, this large forest contains trees so tall and leafy that the floor is constantly dim and murky, even on the sunniest days. The borders are used for timber and game hunting by humans, but the interior is seldom explored due to frequent encounters with dangerous monsters, including green dragons. The forest forms an effective barrier against finding the entrance to the Valley of the Mage. Elves are rumoured to live within the forest, but there is no evidence of them.


The Dreadwood is a dangerous place within Keoland, just north of the Hool Marshes. A small population of elves constantly battles against invading humanoids and monsters from the marshes. Keoland troops help the elves on occasion. There is a strong suspicion that the Sea Princes are sponsoring the humanoid invaders, perhaps in an attempt to seize more territory from Keoland, but such accusations cannot be made in diplomatic circles. The Sea Princes could certainly use a vast new supply of wood for shipbuilding. With the elves otherwise occupied, there are some unwatched patches of deep forest where creatures such as green dragons or other evil presences are lurking.

Fellreev Forest

This vast, cold forest is used extensively by the Rovers of the Barrens as a food source. The Bandit Kingdoms and Horned Society similarly take timber and game from the southern borders. Occasional monsters attack such parties, and sometimes bands of apparently primitive human tribesmen. There are strong rumours that an elven kingdom exists deep within the heart of the forest, and has withdrawn from the world. There is certainly no actual evidence of this, however.

Forlorn Forest

This is an evergreen forest on the coast of the Icy Sea and White Fanged Bay. The Rovers of the Barrens avoid it, since there is nothing of interest to them there. People of Stonefist make summer trips to the forest to take trees and game. They are sometimes attacked by horrible monsters. Apart from such monsters, the forest seems deserted and empty.

Gamboge Forest

The Gamboge Forest is an old and densely wooded region populated by elves. Although surrounded by Nyrond and The Pale, neither country can honestly claim sovereignty over the forest beyond the edges. The elves trade with gnomes and halflings who live in the adjacent foothills of The Rakers, but generally avoid contact with humans. Some parts of the forest are dangerous due to the occasional monsters left alone by the elves.

Gnarley Forest

This forest has only a small population of elves, mostly concentrated in the south near the Welkwood. The northern reaches are tramped by men from Verbobonc, Furyondy, Dyvers, Greyhawk, and the Wild Coast, who utilise it for wood and game, as well as trade routes between thee nations. Groups of bandits hide amongst the trees waiting to prey on caravans and travellers. Some humanoids also call the Gnarley home, practising banditry or raiding villages on the edges of the forest. A few monsters and the odd dragon or two might also be found amidst the darker stretches of trees.

Grandwood Forest

The Grandwood is nominally possessed almost entirely by the Great Kingdom, but the elves and halflings who dwell within laugh at such a notion. They are perhaps fortunate, since the Kingdom possesses the troops to take the forest by force, but they are currently scattered to other borders in a vain attempt to hold on to territory. The forest is thus a place of relative calm amidst the current turmoils of the surrounding country. Medegia holds a more sensible view of the Grandwood, allying with the demi-human inhabitants to resist the Great Kingdom's troops. The elves see all these machinations as largely irrelevant though, as there is no immediate threat to the forest. The outside hostilities do mean that the forest edges are home to a large number of troops, outlaws, refugees, and bandits however. Amidst the confusion, a few humanoids and monsters manage to stay in hiding.


This continent to the south of the Oljatt Sea is almost completely covered with thick and impenetrable jungle. Expeditions from the Spindrift Isles and the Lordship of the Isles have managed to explore very little, but have found a land apparently inhabited by lizard men. Monsters sometimes also emerge from the jungle to attack the logging expeditions.


This mid-sized forest is entirely within the borders of Geoff. The Grand Duke likes to hunt amidst its tall trees, and has brought back several trophies of the ferocious monsters which sometimes make their way down into the wood from the Crystalmist Mountains. A small community of elves live in the forest, generally on good terms with the Duke and his people. The forest is named for the magnificent hornwood trees which produce the finest elven bows, which are traded to other elves far and wide across The Demesnes.

Hraak Forest

The Hraak is a medium sized pine and spruce forest marking the north end of the Hraak Pass between the Griff and Corusk Mountains, in the Hold of Stonefist. Its wood is used by the people of Stonefist for shipbuilding and houses. Not much is known of the forest interior, but presumably there are monsters lurking therein.


This is a small pine forest at the north end of the Bone March, used for shipbuilding. It holds a few monsters, and probably humanoids from the nearby Rakers.


This old forest straddles the border between Idee and Sunndi, just west of the Vast Swamp. It is rarely trodden by humans and contains a good population of elves who communicate frequently with those of the Rieuwood, via the gnome and halflng lands between. Not much else is known of what dwells within.


The Nutherwood is the relatively small section of the Phostwood south of the Yol River. Although The Pale lays claim to it, it is a dreary and hostile place inhabited mostly by humanoids and monsters. These are said to have invaded the wood hundreds of years ago and destroyed an elven community which used to live there. If this is true, ruins or treasures of the elves may yet lie awaiting discovery by those brave enough to venture within.


A relatively small woodland, the Oytwood is contained within Geoff. A road to Sterich passes through the forest, patrolled only irregularly by the Grand Duke's troops, which leaves it vulnerable to bandit activity. A staunch group of forestmen act to keep the route safe for honest travellers, but are not above relieving tax collectors or wealthy nobles of ill-gotten coin. Some elves also call the Oytwood home, and these trade hornwood bows produced in the nearby Hornwood to elven traders who travel here specifically for them.


This is a mid-sized forest standing mostly in Tenh. Part extends across the Artonsamay River into the Bandit Kingdoms, where bandits now live and use as a base for raids across the river into Tenh. A few monsters roam the Phostwood, but the central regions belong to the elves who call it their home. These elves are now engaged in a defensive battle to keep out the hordes of humanoids which constantly attempt invasion from across the Yol River in the adjacent Nutherwood.


The Rieuwood is a sizable forest within Sunndi, although the northern borders are claimed by the South Province. In reality, the elves of the forest manage their own affairs, and defend it determinedly against hostile human incursions. This allies them with Sunndi against the forces of the South Province, though lately the provincial armies have been occupied elsewhere. The woods are mostly benign, though a few monsters lurk in more remote parts. The elves trade with the gnome and halfling communities in the hills to the west and south, and use the hills as a highway to their cousins in the nearby Menowood.


This evergreen forest, mainly of firs, lies in the domain of the Ice Barbarians, They harvest trees to use for homes and shipbuilding. Not much is known about the interior of this cold forest, but encounters with ferocious animals and monsters on the outskirts point to worse things lurking deeper within.


The Silverwood lies in the corner between the Duchy of Ulek, County of Ulek, and Keoland. It is a peaceful forest, inhabited by many elves and other sylvan creatures. They do not appreciate humans in the interior, but tolerate a modest amount of timber collecting and hunting in the border regions. The woodland is named by humans after a legendary city of silver said to have been built by the elves thousands of years ago. Some treasure hunters attempt to locate this marvel but all are dealt with harshly by the currently inhabiting elves.

Spikey Forest

Lying between the lands of the Frost Barbarians and the Snow Barbarians, the evergreen Spikey Forest is used heavily by both for shipbuilding. The northern stretches, nestled against the Corusk Mountains, are thick with monsters, including green and white dragons.

Suss Forest

The Suss is a dark and impenetrable forest overgrown with brambles and briars. Thorns rip at travellers and some say the trees themselves move to block or grab at passersby. This awful terrain is thick with humanoid tribes and monsters, including some known green dragons. The forest thus forms a barrier between southern Celene, the the Principality of Ulek, and the Wild Coast, through which no humans dare travel. Further south it blends into the humanoid-infested Pomarj region. Northwards the Suss slowly gives way to the more wholesome Welkwood.


This is a briar-ridden mess of wooded land in the Bandit Kingdoms just north of the Rift Canyon. Awful monsters dwell within and humans give it a wide berth.

Timberway Forest

This long stretch of pines and firs hugs the coast of Grendep Bay, wedged against the shore by The Rakers. The northern and southern edges are logged for timber by the Frost Barbarians and Ratik respectively, but the central reaches remain unexplored. It is certain that many monsters lurk deep within these woods.

Udoru Forest

The Udoru Forest marks the northern borders of Ekbir and Tusmit. Outlaws and bandits lurk in the southern regions, while a fairly large population of elves make their homes in the central areas. The climate is warm and pleasant compared to other forests this far north, thanks to the warm currents of the Dramidj Ocean, making it a haven for these elves, isolated from most others of their kind. The northern edges of the forest where the foothills of the Yatil Mountains begin to take hold are colder and populated with monsters and humanoids.

Vesve Forest

This enormous forested region covers an area some 500 by 1000 kilometres in size, between the Clatspur Range and Whyestill Lake. Far too large to be fully claimed by human nations, Furyondy and Highfolk use the southern edges for forestry and hunting, while the humanoid forces of Iuz penetrate the northern reaches. The main population is of course elves, with a substantial number of halflings and some gnomes. They tolerate human influence at the south, but are fighting a losing war against the humanoid incursions in the north. Without help, the elves may lose half the forest or more to the armies of Iuz, but as ever the elves are reluctant to request external aid. With the elven population stretched thin, there are regions deep within the forest where fearsome monsters and green dragons may be found.


Nestled between the human-dominated Gnarley Forest and the black-hearted Suss Forest is the Welkwood, a pleasant sylvan domain populated by elves and creatures of faerie. The trees here grow taller and straighter, making the forest floor bright and cheerful. Several roads cross the wood from Celene to the Wild Coast, and travel is generally safe. The elves keep to themselves, but are known to be friendly to the people of Celene, to the point of sending ambassadors to their court. The southern borders of the forest, where it joins the Suss, are well-guarded by elven watchers.
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