DM and MM's Germany 2019 Diary

Day 9 - Dubai to Sydney

Saturday, 2 November, 2019

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05:53 Sydney time

We are just over an hour from landing in Sydney. The mid-flight snack was a Margherita pizza, and then breakfast an hour or so ago a fairly non-choice between an omelette or scrambled eggs. I saw some people get tomato juice and mentioned to M. that when I was a kid we never had orange or apple or other fruit juices, but we had tomato juice. M. joked that my mum must have liked Bloody Marys, and asked if when she gave us tomato juice she said she wanted some "extra vegetables" and added a celery stick to hers. This cracked us up and we both had a laughing fit for a good couple of minutes.

After breakfast a man a couple of rows in front of us needed assistance and cabin crew raced over with oxygen bottles. He seems to have recovered now and they've taken the oxygen away, but he was wearing the mask for a half hour or so. I got caught out of my seat by this and various other aisle blockages caused by the clean up of the breakfast service, and couldn't get back for a while.

written later

The flight landed right on 07:00. We made it through passport and customs quickly and into a taxi, which got us home through the very light Saturday morning traffic bang on 08:00, exactly an hour later.

Spiel haul
My haul of games from Spiel! And Lego from Cologne!

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