DM and MM's Germany 2019 Diary

Day 8 - Frankfurt to Dubai

Friday, 1 November, 2019

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We landed in Dubai just before 06:00 local time. Our next flight is from terminal A, which involved catching a shuttle train from where we were, so it took some time. Once in the right terminal, we found a place to sit and eat something. M. had a croissant and coffee while I had a jerk chicken wrap, which was decent.

Now we're just sitting and waiting, because our flight doesn't leave until 10:15.

written next day

We found a comfortable place to sit and wait at Dubai, which was good because on previous transits we've never found such an area. It was at the far end of the terminal building away from our gate. It had padded sofa style seats and plastic deck-chair style reclined seats. M. led us through a set of stretching exercises to loosen us up, which felt really good.

I checked Twitter and discovered that Ryan North, author of Dinosaur Comics, had also been flying, on his way from Toronto to Khazakhstan for a comics convention, and had passed through Frankfurt Airport yesterday, on the same day as us! It's highly possible we were at Frankfurt at the same time. I replied to one of his tweets and he replied back, "Whoa, that's crazy!"

After killing enough time, we walked back down the terminal to our gate, where a lot of people were waiting. They let us through a boarding pass check, followed by a bag search check, into the next waiting area. We waited near the gate door, and soon afterwards they announced boarding beginning for first, business, platinum, gold, and silver. Since that included us, we went on, the very first people into the plane. We ended up spending over an hour on the ground before take off, as I managed to watch an entire episode of that city documentary before we took off.

Eventually we took off. The meal menu indicated lunch, a mid-flight snack, and breakfast. I don't know what happened to dinner, which would have made more sense give we departed the gate at 16:30. There was a salmon dish which I chose over a beef and potatoes option.

Shortly after the meal, the live sports channel showed the third place playoff game of the Rugby World Cup, New Zealand versus Wales. It was an exciting game, with plenty of action and scoring, although not a close game as New Zealand raced to an unbeatable lead and won easily. After the game I tried to rest with my eyes closed for as long as possible, but didn't manage to sleep at all.

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