DM and MM's Tasmania Trip Diary

Day 7 - Lemonthyme Lodge to Stanley

Saturday, 1 April, 2000

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We got up at 6:30 again, had brekky and checked out of Lemonthyme Lodge. We drove north to Ulverstone on the coast. After a quick stop we drove up to the scenic lookout overlooking the town, then on to Penguin via the scenic ocean road.

Uniting Church, Penguin
Uniting Church, Penguin

At Penguin we had to stop to take a photo of the giant concrete penguin. We continued on to Wynyard then took the road to the lookout at Table Cape. We had lunch there and chatted with an old couple who were from Tamworth - they said they'd been here in Tasmania for 5 weeks and only had 2 to go!

Table Cape Lighthouse
Table Cape Lighthouse

We drove on to Rocky Cape National Park where we took a very ridgy road to the lighthouse and some nice rocky views. From there it was straight on to Stanley.

Stanley is a nice little town under The Nut, an old volcanic plug that juts out into the ocean, where all the softer rock around it has eroded away, leaving a large circular hill. We took the chairlift ride to the top of The Nut after a drink at the Nut Rock Cafe. The views from the top were excellent. We walked around the loop on The Nut and saw lots of scenery. Then we rode down the chairlift again and checked in at the Nut Rock Cafe for our accommodation. We had checked the Pol and Pen Guesthouses before going to The Nut and found a note saying that we had been upgraded to different accommodation. The woman at the Nut Rock Cafe told us we had been moved to a 3-bedroom house called Estowen. We unpacked there and then went for a walk into the Stanley town centre to check out the shops and buy some stuff for dinner.

Stanley, Tasmania
View from on top of The Nut, Stanley

I got an ice cream at a chocolate shop. We bought a few groceries to make nachos for dinner then went back to the house.

We watched the news on TV, had dinner, then relaxed for the evening.

Mixed Business of the Day: Stanley Newsagent and Pizzeria.

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