DM and MM's Tasmania Trip Diary

Day 8 - Stanley to Strahan

Sunday, 2 April, 2000

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Woken this morning by just waking up about 2 minutes before the 6:30 alarm clock. The morning was grey and dismerable with rain and a gusty wind.

We ate a big brekky of cereal and muffins, then drove off on the scenic drive around the historic farming area around Stanley. The waves on the beach were quite big - took a photo. We drove by Highfield - an old farmhouse and other old buildings a couple of kilometres out of town - took some quick photos in the wind and rain.

Highfield farmhouse

After the scenic drive we went to the Nut Rock Cafe to check out of our accommodation. We had to wait until 8:25 for the guy to arrive, despite the cafe advertising breakfast from 8am. We browsed the gift shop and ended up buying some Nut Rock Cafe T-shirts before paying and leaving. A petrol stop later we were on our way back to Wynyard where the road south branches off. We stopped there to get some bread rolls and fruit for lunch.

Then we drove south through a bunch of farming country. We jacked up the Beatles real loud and sang to Twist and Shout.

Eventually the farms gave way to forest and we drove down a long winding slope into Hellyer Gorge. There was a picnic area at the bottom and we stopped for a stretch and took a short walk along the river, which was nice, but chilly.

We continued on through Tullah and stopped at Rosebery for lunch. A dull mining town with no attractions apart from a zinc mine which we could see only a block or so from the town centre.

From there we took the short side road to Montezuma Falls - which are supposed to be brilliant. When we got to the end of the road there was a sign saying the falls were a 5 kilometre walk away! We'd seen a few cars heading back - they probably gave up when they saw that too - like we did, not having 3 hours to spare.

We drove on to Zeehan past a big tin mine, where we stopped to look at a funky wooden ship in the playground and then checked out the Pioneer History Museum. A $5 entry fee, but it was worth it to see heaps and heaps of old photos of the history of western Tasmania, heaps of mineral and gemstone samples, and some cool old steam locomotives.

Genie in the Lamp
Michelle seen through a lighthouse lens, Zeehan Pioneer History Museum

Most of the places in Zeehan, like the other places we'd been to today (Wynyard, Tullah) were closed, because it's Sunday. As we were leaving the museum in Zeehan we heard and saw a large group of people in one of the display rooms singing hymns. There was a cross in one corner, so we figured the museum might have been doubling as a church too - very weird!

From there we drove south to Strahan, stopping once for a very wet, windy photo of Ocean Beach. At Strahan we checked out the town, then checked in to our lodge for the night - a room in a B&B. Then we drove out west to Ocean Beach for a look at the world class famous sunset and saw just a grey cold sky for half an hour. Came back to town and had pizza at the local bakery that turns into a pizza place after 5pm - yummy! Finally came back to the lodge for a quiet evening. Noted Strahan is a much more interesting and touristy place than all the other places we passed through today.

Ocean Beach, Tasmania
Sunset at Ocean Beach

Mixed Business of the Day: Strahan Kodak Express and Fudge Shop.

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