DM and MM's Tasmania Trip Diary

Day 3 - Genoa to Rosedale

Tuesday, 28 March, 2000

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We got up before 6am to go down to the Genoa River to look for platypuses which are supposed to live there. We stood on the old bridge and looked but all we noticed was the mooing of the cows in the still dawn air.

We left and drove to the Alfred National Park where we stopped to do the 45 minute rainforest walk. That was good, but it started raining a bit while we were walking. It stopped by the time we got back to the car.

Further along the highway was another rainforest walk, which we stopped at and checked out - interestingly different from the first one.

We stopped at Cann River for petrol then drove on to Orbost. We did a detour along a supposed scenic road to Orbost, but the rain then was so heavy we didn't see anything! Coming into Orbost we drove along a beautiful avenue of plane trees. We had a snack at a cafe there, then left for Lakes Entrance. The rain had started up again and was quite steady by the time we reached Lakes Entrance.

It was dismal and grey there. We walked up and down the main streets and found a health food cafe where Michelle had a satay vege burger and I had a sausage roll which was nice. Then we walked out along the bridge over the lagoon towards the ocean beach - but gave up before reaching the beach because the rain was getting quite heavy. We did see a lot of swans on the lagoon and part of the fishing fleet.

We drove on to Bairnsdale where we stopped to look at the painted ceiling of the St Mary's Church which was amazing. Michelle had a coffee at the tourist info/cafe next door and I had a muesli bar and a banana.

On to Stratford, where we saw the Mad Cow Tearooms! Then it was through Sale to Rosedale, driving through quite heavy rain most of the way.

At Rosedale the rain had stopped. We walked up the main street - small town. Dinner in the motel restaurant tonight. Pumpkin soup, vege lasagne, chicken kiev and choc-mint cheesecake. Yum! The meal was served by the old man who ran the place, and must have been cooked by his wife in the kitchen out back. We told him the pumpkin soup was really good, and he went off calling out through the door, "They said the soup was really good!"

Mixed Business of the Day: Rosedale Antique and Bait Shop.

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