DM and MM's Tasmania Trip Diary

Day 2 - Bateman's Bay to Genoa

Monday, 27 March, 2000

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We woke up nice and early - around sunrise, though you couldn't tell exactly because Batemans Bay was covered in a thick fog. I went out to take some foggy photos - then we had showers and went out to the pier right outside our motel to eat breakfast and watch the "sunrise". We saw some mad guys waiting on the pier for a fishing charter boat.

Wharf at dawn, Batemans Bay

After breakfast we walked up to Woolies to buy some face scrub, then left Batemans Bay, buying the first petrol of the trip on the way.

We stopped at Cobargo to buy some pottery for ourselves and for Loki and Rach's wedding gifts. We had some morning tea in a cafe with a train carriage stuck in the building! Michelle had scones and I had a burger.

Then we went to Bega, where we stopped at the Bega cheese factory for some cheese and to see how it's made.

Vat 2
Bega cheese factory vats

Towards Eden we sidetracked into Ben Boyd National Park to see The Pinnacles, which was good - except my camera film ran out and I didn't have another handy. Oh well - I still got a couple of good shots.

In Eden we stopped for a cheese and bread roll lunch at the Whale Watch Lookout - quite scenic. Then we went to the Eden Killer Whale Museum and saw lots of old whaling stuff and bones and stuff.

Then we drove straight through to Genoa, which is a dinky little crossroads, with one pub/motel, a petrol station, and a general store. So we checked in and drove to Mallacoota on the coast to get some dinner. Mallacoota is at least a small town, with supermarkets and a few places to get a meal. We saw one posh restaurant but decided the fish'n'chips/pizza/souvlaki/Chinese take-away looked more interesting.

Michelle had vege fried rice and I had chili beef. Not bad. Then we drove back to Genoa and our motel room in the twilight. We saw a kangaroo on the side of the road and slowed down so we wouldn't hit it if it decided to jump out on the road.

Mixed Business of the Day: Mallacoota Real Estate Agent and Surf Shop.

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