DM and MM's Tasmania Trip Diary

Day 13 - Bruny Island

Friday, 7 April, 2000

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Slept in to 7am today. Got up, showered and had breakfast, including lime marmalade from the Cadbury shop (Cottees).

Drove south to Kettering then boarded the car ferry for Bruny Island. After the 15 minute crossing we drove straight through to the Bruny Island Neck where North and South Bruny Island meet in a narrow isthmus of sand. We stopped at a marked walking track and walked back along the sand on the east side to a set of steps and lookout platform. When we got there we noticed another couple on the steps - they had parked right at the base of the steps, about 300 metres back from where we parked! Took some scenic photos then hiked back to the car.

Drove on through Alonnah and Lunawanna. Stopped at Alonnah to buy bread for lunch and some drinks. The woman in the shop said "Enjoy your stay on the island" so we figured she must know everyone who lives there and knew we were tourists.

Eventually we reached Cape Bruny and the lighthouse - the southernmost point of our trip. Spectacular ocean cliff scenery, and a view south over ocean where the next land was Antarctica.

Cape Bruny Lighthouse
Cape Bruny Lighthouse

Drove back to Lunawanna where we stopped for lunch. Had a "famous salmon burger" at the cafe there, and some chips. Then we decided to drive back a different route, via Adventure Bay. The road was narrow and not as good as the Alonnah road, but took us over Mt Mangana and to a couple of nice scenic lookouts.

Tried to find Captain Cook's Landing Place at Adventure Bay and eventually found a plaque indicating where a tree was that had "Cook 1777" carved into it. Not that exciting.

Back to the ferry terminal where we waited for the ferry back to Kettering. Drove back to Hobart and found a parking spot in the CBD pretty easily.

On the ferry
On the car ferry back to Kettering

We walked down to Constitution Dock expecting lots of yachts to be there and make a nice photo but it was rather empty and dull. Went back to move the car from the 30 minute spot to another spot, no problem. Then got out to browse shops until 7:30 and dinner with Paul Saunders. We had a lot of time to kill and most of the shops were closing despite it being designated late night shopping. Only the big stores like Myer and a few others stayed open.

Wrote a card to Loki and Rach for the wedding reception and mailed it.

Walking to the restaurant a bit early and passed a Khatmandu store right next to our car. It was open with a special sale for members only. Flashed our member card and got in! We bought a travel wallet for Michelle and a compass to help next time we get lost.

Finally made the restaurant for a great Indian meal with Paul. I had Khadai chicken and Michelle had the dahl (surprise!).

Parted company and drove back to the motel for another good night's sleep.

Mixed Business of the Day: Lunawanna Cafe and Towing Service.

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