DM's Hobart 2017 Diary

Day 9 - Hobart to Sydney

Saturday, 30 December, 2017

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written next day

We got up lazily again, not needing to rush this morning. We packed our bags and checked out of the Motel Mayfair, leaving our bags at reception to pick up later. Then we walked down the hill into Hobart one last time, heading once again for Battery Point and Jackman & McRoss, for a final fancy breakfast.

M. had a chocolate croissant, which was huge and contained a big slab of chocolate, and was drizzled over the top with chocolate drippings. I tried the pork and apple sausage roll, which was excellent. On the way out, I also got an almond croissant to take away, for eating at the airport in lieu of a proper lunch.

Pork and apple sausage roll, Jackman & McRoss
Pork and apple sausage roll at Jackman & McRoss

Once done with breakfast, we headed down the Kelly Street steps to Salamanca. We passed a garage sale on the way, which had a wide variety of jewellery and clothing for sale. M. picked out a funky 1960s style plastic bangle, which was only $2, so she bought it.

Angel or chicken?
Street art, Kelly Street, Battery Point

We walked through Salamanca Market, since it was Saturday and it was on again. Then I decided to try another ice cream from Taste, getting a cup of jaffa and rum & raisin flavours from the Valhalla stall. This was nicer than the Silver Spoon ice cream of the other day, but possibly mostly because it wasn't frozen solid and was softer and easier to eat. M. grabbed a coffee from a stall inside the main pavilion, and then by the time we were done it was time to grab a taxi and head to the airport.

We picked up a taxi easily at the taxi rank near Taste, directing it back to our motel to pick up our luggage, and then on to the airport. The airport was very crowded with people, and lots of flights departing. Our Jetstar plane came in, followed by another, but the second one, bound for Melbourne, boarded first, and there was a significant delay with the boarding of our plane, and I began to think something might be wrong with the plane. But eventually we got on, and it took off, with a very bumpy ascent going through the turbulent and unsettled air over Hobart. Then the pilot made an announcement, apologising for the delay - it turned out that the bumpy ride down when the plane had landed was too much for one passenger, and they had to spend time cleaning vomit from the aisle.

The middle part of the flight was smooth. For some reason we didn't have credit to buy any snacks this time, but didn't need them anyway. The descent into Sydney was also very bumpy, but we landed without incident. Then it was off to the trains to make our way home. When we'd left Hobart, the temperature had been 15°C, and we'd been rugged up in jumpers and jackets most of the morning when we'd been out. But in Sydney it was 35°C! We shed layers of clothing on the train, before getting off and walking home through the heat.

Another holiday done!

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