DM's Hobart 2017 Diary

Day 8 - North Hobart

Friday, 29 December, 2017

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We got up late again this morning and had a leisurely start to the day, before walking down to Battery Point and the Jackman & McRoss bakery for morning tea. M. had a coffee and a raspberry jam tart, while I had to try the famous scallop pie, which was listed as scallop and wakame. I had to look it up to find out that wakame was seaweed. However the pie had scallops and vegetables in a creamy mild curry sauce. It was very nice.

Jackman & McRoss
Jackman & McRoss

We lazed around in the bakery for a while, M. getting a biscotti and then me getting a pot of T2 Liquorice Legs tea. We each ducked out to look at some of the shops across the street, leaving the other to mind the table. One was an antique chop, which had an interesting matched pair of pineapple holders - like giant candle holders but with a cup big enough for a pineapple on top, and with cut glass dangly bits all around. I guess pineapples used to be fancy enough that you needed special ornamental holders for them.

Cake display at Jackman & McRoss
Cakes at Jackman & McRoss

Jackman & McRoss was busy when we arrived, but the customers thinned out as lunch time approached. Eventually I decided it was time for lunch and tried one of the duck, cranberry, and walnut sausage rolls, and what was labelled as a "vanilla slice", but was an unusual combination of whipped cream and fresh strawberries sandwiched in between slabs of puff pastry, topped with icing.

Vanilla slice, Jackman & McRoss
Vanilla slice at Jackman & McRoss

We searched for something interesting to do and near the top of a list of things mostly populated with things we'd already done was North Hobart, which the list said was an interesting neighbourhood with quirky shops and cafes and so on. It wasn't too far to walk, so we set off. The day was sunny and warm, so we kept to the shadows as much as we could. On the way we passed Area 52, a book and game shop, which we had a quick look in.

North Hobart mural
Mural in North Hobart

After a bit of walking we reached North Hobart, where we ducked into a few shops to browse around and get out of the heat. We thought the area would be more interesting, but it was a little disappointing and quiet, with some places still closed for the holidays. At the north end we reached a bookshop, and attached to it was a cinema and cafe, the historic State Cinema, which had plush armchairs to sit in. We stopped and had some water, and M. got a vegetable and pesto panino, grilled, which she said was very good. We lounged there out of the heat for some time, browsing the books on the share shelves in the cafe, which were all about movies and cinema. I found one about shooting 16mm film, published in 1960, which had some quaint and old fashioned advice about movie making for amateurs with early home film cameras.

Smokin' BBQ!
Restaurant in North Hobart

We decided to go back to Rockwall for dinner again, and M. called to make a booking, which they said they could only give us at 18:00. So we hung around until it was time to walk back down to Salamanca and our dinner booking. The day had cooled down and this walk was much nicer.

Salt & pepper squid
Salt and pepper calamari at Rockwall

At Rockwall the waitress recognised us from Saturday. We both decided to try something new, with M. having the vegetable curry, while I had some calamari as a starter and then the twice cooked duck. The calamari was excellent, very tender, but the duck was average, and M. wasn't too keen on the curry because it was very creamy. Oh well!

Banoffee at Honey Badger Dessert Cafe

For dessert we went to Honey Badger again, and this time I ordered the "banoffee", which was a sort of deconstructed banoffee pie, with caramelised banana in a bowl with biscuit crumbs, walnuts and maybe other nuts, mascarpone, and vanilla ice cream, topped with a drizzle of caramel sauce and shaved chocolate. It was really good - I liked it better than the panookie from yesterday.

And then we walked back up the hill back to our room for the evening, after a really lazy day.

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