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The universe contains many different planes of existence, each a fully-functioning three-dimensional world which does not normally interact with any of the other planes. The planes divide into two groups: The inner planes, which contain the physical planes of normal mortal existence; and the outer planes, which are the domains of gods, demons, spirits, and other supernatural entities.

The Inner Planes

Physical Plane

The Physical Plane (or Material Plane) is that which contains the normal universe, with stars, planets, and the land of The Demesnes. Most mortal entities are born, live, and die on the physical plane without even knowing there are other planes, let alone interacting with them in any way. It is, however, possible for mortals with the appropriate knowledge or abilities to leave the Physical Plane, travelling through either the Ethereal or Astral Plane, to any of the other planes. Such journeys can be fraught with danger from the physical environments and also the denizens of those planes.

Ethereal Plane

The Ethereal Plane suffuses through and touches all parts of the inner planes. Suitable natural or magical effects can cause material objects or creatures to become ethereal, which causes them to fade from material view. When in an ethereal state, creatures are unable to sense or interact with material objects. They may sense and interact with other ethereal objects however. Physically, the Ethereal Plane looks like an evenly lit void, in which objects float weightlessly. Creatures can move merely by willing it. In this way, ethereal creatures can travel through the ether to visit other inner planes, where they materialise if the ethereal state is inactivated. Ethereal travel is generally safe, unless hostile ethereal creatures or intelligent beings are encountered.

Plane of Life

The Plane of Life is a place of energy and light. It is a source of tangible goodness and vitality, supplying life force in the form of life-aspected mana to the Physical Plane. Mortal beings who enter this plane can live indefinitely without food or water, although there is little to do here. Undead beings will be destroyed instantly by the overwhelming life force. Native creatures of light and energy exist here, and can be summoned on to the Physical Plane.

Plane of Death

The Plane of Death is a place of cold and darkness. It is a source of ultimate evil and decay, draining life from the Physical Plane by supplying it with death-aspected mana. Undead beings have a strong connection with this plane; the magical influences which keep them animated emanate from here. Mortal beings venturing here without magical protection will have the life force sucked out of them rapidly, leaving a lifeless husk floating through the black void. There are some odd native creatures of negative energy who roam the plane.

Plane of Air

This plane is an endless expanse of air, stretching infinitely in all directions. There is no gravity and movement is by physical means such as pushing off other objects or with wings. There are occasional floating lumps of rock, water, and fire which drift through the air, forming homes for the varied creatures of the air which are native to this place. The plane is generally safe for most mortal travellers. It is the source of air-aspected mana on the Physical Plane, and of the air elementals which can be summoned there.

Plane of Earth

This plane is an endless expanse of earth and solid rock, stretching infinitely in all directions. It contains some empty areas filled with air, water, or fire, which form the only reasonably habitable places for mortal visitors from the Physical Plane. Travel is through interconnected tunnels of other material, or by digging. The native creatures can of course move through the solid earth with ease. This plane is the source of earth-aspected mana on the Physical Plane, and of earth elemental beings.

Plane of Fire

This plane is an endless expanse of fire, stretching infinitely in all directions. In some places the endless flames are displaced by lumps of earth or bubbles of water or air. Even these sanctuaries are unbearably hot, however, and any mortal travellers in this realm will need protection. There is no gravity and beings can move by pushing against solid objects or beating wings in the flames. This plane is the source of fire-aspected mana on the Physical Plane, and of the various kinds of fire elementals.

Plane of Water

This plane is an endless expanse of water, stretching infinitely in all directions. Great lumps of rock float amidst this endless sea, as well as bubbles of air and even fire. Air bubbles are the only places an unprotected air-breathing visitor can survive, but the water is not hostile in itself and can be swum through if a method of breathing is available. Water-breathing travellers will be right at home. The plane is the source of water-aspected mana on the Physical Plane, and of water elementals.

The Outer Planes

The outer planes are domains ruled by the gods. Each god is lord of one distinct plane, making 17 planes, plus the Astral Plane, which is a neutral territory serving as the connecting conduit between them and the inner planes. It is possible there are other outer planes, ruled by gods no longer known to men.

Astral Plane

The Astral Plane overlaps the Physical Plane in a manner similar to the Ethereal, but none of the other inner planes. Instead, it flows outwards to touch the outer planes. Becoming astral is similar to becoming ethereal, but astral beings can sense and be sensed by material beings. This is the source of ghost-like entities; actual ghosts are spirits of dead beings wandering the Astral Plane. The Astral Plane is itself featureless, but the sensations of the overlapping Physical Plane make it appear to be a shadowy copy. Movement of untrained creatures follows the contours of the Physical Plane by force of habit. Intelligent creatures who are aware of their state can however will themselves to move in other directions, including traversing the distances to the outer planes, where they can again sense and be sensed by the denizens dwelling therein.


Alish is the plane of Eryn.


Elysis is the plane of Alia.


Entross is the plane of Tammer.


Ferlin is the plane of Pyonia.


Gebrun is the plane of Bolkon.


Haliquet is the plane of Olsek.


Illusis is the plane of Syrulan.


Krasek is the plane of Malfestus.


Kyrus is the plane of Selanna.


Lantia is the plane of Trinos.


Martrel is the plane of Ehlona.


Orranel is the plane of Lydian.


Sonoros is the plane of Darlishai.


Stronfel is the plane of Birrin.


Urtzel is the plane of Mord.


Yurdst is the plane of Kabrann.


Zurra is the plane of Irrison.
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