Planet of Hats: The Next Generation

I’ve been a bit coy with my updates this week, referring to “drawing” or random chunks of time without saying what I was working on. Well, today the secret is out – I’ve restarted work on my Star Trek parody comic, Planet of Hats!

I ended this comic three years ago, having exhausted all of the Original Star Trek series material, including the animated series and the movies. The next step would have been to start on The Next Generation series, which was a huge chunk of work, and put me off beginning.

But circumstances conspired to prompt me to draw a new strip – you can read about it in the writer comments.

So, I was working on that a bit more today. And I also had some post office errands to run – mailing a redditgifts gift, and some old Magic: the Gathering cards that I’m selling. And doing a lot of housecleaning today. There was a lot of junk all over the place after the market stall on Sunday and me having to work furiously on drawing for a while.

New content today: