Okonomiyaki day

I had my usual four classes this morning, taking me right up until 1pm. I had the leftover rice and vegetables from last night for lunch, fried up with an egg.

Then I took Scully for a walk. It was cloudy and cold, but not rainy. Winter feels really cold this year. I think it must be me getting older and disliking the cold more. I considered going for a run in the afternoon after my wife got home from work, but it was so cold and I felt too lazy, so gave that a miss.

During the afternoon I photographed a new batch of Irregular Webcomic! strips, then made the new strips for this week and uploaded them for queuing in the buffer.

For dinner I made okonomiyaki, with the spring onions and cabbage, also grating a carrot into the batter before frying it up in thick pancakes. We ran out of okonomi sauce, so I’ve added that to my shopping list for next time I got to an Asian grocery store.

More classes tonight, not ending until 10pm…

New content today:

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