Is the rain finally at an end?

Today was the 13th straight day of rain in Sydney. but… things cleared up a little in the afternoon and there was even a weird glowing thing in the sky for a bit. The forecast for tomorrow is sunny!!

But I noticed spots of mould starting to appear on the walls inside the house. Tomorrow I’m going to have to do a thorough go around everywhere with the mould killer spray. And hopefully air the place out with some lower humidity air.

Six classes today to finish off the topic on Mysterious Beasts. I still have the last one to go beginning at 9pm as I type this. That’s the latest class I have and it makes for a very long day.

Scully managed to get a long walk at lunch without getting wet, although the bush path we walk along on the loop route down to the harbour was a bit muddy. I carried her through there though, because the council has laid poison fox baits to kill feral foxes in the bushland, and I don’t want her to accidentally find one and eat it.

Not much else to report today.

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2 thoughts on “Is the rain finally at an end?”

  1. Are the foxes a problem? We have some near where I live, I think one or two. It’s a suburban area with relatively lot of open areas and small woods. They are not a problem here, I think the mostly eat the rats and other small woodlands creatures, so they’re more of a solution than a problem.

    Rabbits and hares, too. On Saturday I last saw a hare.

    I’m not sure about poisons, there was some rat poison near our apartment buildings trash collection place some years ago, but not lately.

    There are a lot of dogs being walked here. The law says they should be leashed but not all are.

    1. Yes, foxes are not native and they eat native animals such as possums and birds, so they disrupt the natural ecosystem.

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