Puzzling times

It’s the Easter long weekend, which began yesterday on Good Friday. My wife cracked a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle that she’s been meaning to work on, hoping to get it done over the 4-day weekend. I’m not sure we’ll make it.

Renoir jigsaw

We basically just relaxed on Friday, and took Scully for a long walk down by the harbour. I baked a damper since we needed bread and I forgot to feed the sourdough starter early enough. Since damper uses baking powder to rise instead of yeast, it’s much faster.

The evening was online games night with my friends. We had six people and played games of Just One, 7 Wonders, and some other things when different people stepped out for a bit to have dinner and other stuff, including Can’t Stop, Stella: Dixit Universe, and one of the word games that my friend invented and implemented.

Today was another somewhat lazy day. We spent more time working on that jigsaw puzzle. It’s definitely going to take more than this weekend to finish! Scully got a long walk, and then at home we gave her a bath.

Oh, I did do 5k runs yesterday and this morning, so that accounts for some of the time too. And cleaned the shower today. Life is so interesting sometimes…

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  1. [I immediately go to Luxxle and search for ‘damper bread’.]

    Oh, it’s an Australian thing. I’m not incredibly ignorant for not knowing about it already. A type of unsweetened quick bread.

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