Ferry excursion to Balmain

Today my wife suggested we catch a ferry across the harbour for lunch, to the suburb of Balmain. We took Scully, since she’s allowed to go on ferries, and once over there we strolled around the shopping area and found a cafe to sit and have lunch. It was a Turkish place and they did different types of gozleme and doner rolls. I had a lamb and spinach gozleme and my wife had a falafel roll. They were pretty good!

I wanted to check out the book shops there and used Google Maps. It showed three book shops in the immediate area, two on the main street, and one alone by itself a block off the main shopping strip. I’d never realised there was a book shop there before, so we took the detour to go check it out. When we got there, we discovered that the location given by Google Maps was in fact… a pub!

I was confused and puzzled enough to go in and ask the staff, showing them the map on my phone so they knew I wasn’t crazy asking if this pub was a book shop. The guy who spoke to me just shook his head and said he had no idea why it would show the address as a book shop. The closest one he knew of was one of the others up on the main street. So it seems Google Maps simply had an error. A bit of a strange one!

We returned to the main street and browsed around a bit. I checked out the two existent book shops and had some gelato. Then we waked back to the ferry wharf to catch a ferry back home. It was a nice day out, with a weird story to make it interesting.

For dinner tonight I cooked a new recipe, which I’d seen on a TV show the other night. It’s pan-fried gnocchi with miso butter, cherry tomatoes and baby spinach. It turned out really well! I’ll definitely do this dish again.

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