Just relaxing at home day

Today was a relaxation day after the big day trip yesterday.

I did a 5k run this morning, and clocked 27:00, my fastest time for several months. Then I spent some time working out new topics for upcoming weeks of my online ethics classes. I’m going to do one about gift giving, and I’m slightly annoyed that I didn’t think of that topic in time for Christmas.

After lunch my wife and I took Scully for a walk to Maggio’s Italian bakery at Cammeray. We bought a panforte as a post-Christmas holiday season treat, and I got a panettone snail pastry to eat there. It’s a bit of a hike there and back – longer than my 5k run! Add to that another walk for Scully this evening and I racked up almost 16,000 steps today. Not bad for a “relaxing” day!

I had ham sandwiches for lunch, and for dinner I chopped up the last of our portion of leftover Christmas ham into my serve of fried rice. Most of the savoury leftovers are gone (there’s a little bit of turkey left), and now it’s into the long haul of dealing with holiday sweets.

My wife has been busy doing a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle that she got for Christmas, and finished it off today. It’s a lovely semi-abstract landscape in primary colours with gold lines and edging running through it. It looks good completed!

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