Storm fronts and Lego

Late last night, after I’d written my blog post, we had a severe storm hit Sydney. It didn’t last very long, but was incredibly intense, with lots of lightning and loud thunder. My friends and I were tracking the storm radar across the city, and reporting when the rain hit at our various home locations. It hit me about 10pm, and the rain was absolutely torrential, and there was also hail. The hail wasn’t too large, only about pea sized.

And tonight there’s another storm tracking across Sydney as I type this. We just had some heavy rain, but overall it looks less intense than last night.

Today I worked on getting some new Irregular Webcomic! strips written, photographed, and assembled, in time for the coming week. Ideally I’d do a large batch, but I only had time for a week’s worth, which will hopefully give me breathing room to write a full batch for next week. I’m actually planing to wind down production of new comics some time in the not too distant future, as I’m finding it difficult to keep up and it’s providing me with a bit less fun than it used to. But I want to finish off the stories in some sort of way and not leave things hanging. It may take another year or so to do that!

Today there were two nearby Christmas markets on, one in the morning, and one in the afternoon. My wife wanted to go check out both of them and do some Christmas gift shopping, so I drove her out to each market, and she walked home with Scully from each of them. She says she’s completed her Christmas shopping now, so that’s good.

And tonight I had three more ethics classes, on the topic of Exercise. Some of the questions I’ve been asking the kids:

  • Can exercise make you feel better mentally as well as physically? How?
  • Do you think people are less fit today than in the past? (given changes in lifestyle from manual labour societies to modern technology)
  • Is it ethical to pressure someone to exercise for their own well-being? If they don’t enjoy it?
  • Is it appropriate for a government to run a campaign to encourage citizens to exercise, as a general benefit to health care?

I’m still a bit exhausted by the end of an evening of teaching, as I still haven’t caught up on my sleep routine after my trip. The past couple of nights I’ve gotten close to sleeping through to a reasonable wake-up time though, so hopefully it won’t take much longer.

New content today:

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  1. I was wondering what was going on with IWC. I’ll be sad if it ends, but I completely understand that you have no obligation to make them if you aren’t enjoying it.

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