Thai restaurant update and Pantheon photos

One of my old workmates has ventured to try the new Thai restaurant that seems to have replaced the excellent old one near our former workplace. He reports that the staff have indeed changed, and the food is not as good.

Today I started looking at photos from my trip. If you recall on day 9 I wrote about recreating an old photo of my wife at the Pantheon in Rome. Here’s the photo from 2001 again:


and here’s the photo from 2012 again:

Pantheon, 11 years exactly

We went back to the Pantheon twice on this trip, and I took photos using my dSLR:

Pantheon, 22 years later

and using my phone:

Pantheon, 22 years later

You can see that the dSLR shot matches the perspective of the original 2001 photo better. The 2001 photo was shot on 35 mm film, with a 24 mm lens. The 2012 photo was shot on a dSLR, with a 28 mm lens, which makes the angles on the buildings different – you can see it most noticeably on the building in the background on the right. The 2023 dSLR shot used a 24 mm lens, and the perspective matches the 2001 a lot better. Unfortunately I had my wife stand in a slightly wrong spot, so she isn’t lined up as well. The phone photo uses a 26 mm-equivalent focal length (it’s a 4.25 mm focal length lens with a 5.7 mm sensor, which divides out to give the same field of view as a 26 mm lens on a 35 mm camera), so the perspective is between the 2001 and 2012 shots. Unfortunately the phone has a different aspect ratio, and I composed it to miss the right hand side of the background building.

Anyway, this may be a bit technical – I am a camera nerd, after all. In summary, it’s tricky to recreate a photo exactly, and while I feel I could have done better, I’m fairly pleased with the resulting series.

It rained a lot today and was very humid. It began before sunrise and was still raining steadily when I wanted to take Scully out for lunch, so instead of walking I decided to drive over to a deli where they make excellent Reuben sandwiches – and I’ve been craving one for some time. I got about 3 km from home and the roads were dry, like it hadn’t been raining at all!

The sandwich was good. On the way back I stopped at a small patisserie that we know is good, and had a piece of their raspberry cheesecake. I also got a salted caramel tart to take home for either dessert tonight, or maybe tomorrow.

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