Still fighting that jet lag

My wife and I are slowly adjusting to our home time zone after our trip. We went to bed at a normal time, but both woke up around 3am. We tried reading to get tired, but that took quite a long time. I think I eventually put the book down around 5am and managed to doze for another couple of hours.

I formatted my travel diary into HTML and stuck it on my website. It’s basically the same as the daily updates I posted here while travelling. I need to add photos, but I haven’t processed or uploaded any of those yet. That takes a lot longer. I still haven’t quite finished doing the photos from my trip to Germany and the Netherlands last year, and I haven’t started doing the photos for Japan in June.

I also dealt with a few other backed-up chores, making appointments, clearing out emails to action, and so on.

The weather here is pretty ordinary at the moment. It’s warm, but wet, and has been since we got home on Monday, with intermittent showers steaming the place up to a very high humidity. Today the showers were heavier. It’s been around 25-26°C during the day, down to a minimum of 19-20°C overnight, which makes for uncomfortably sticky sleeping conditions. There’s no end in sight either, as this pattern is forecast to continue for at least the next week, with some very heavy rainfall to look forward to early next week. One good thing is that my nasal passages are feeling a lot better than in the dry air of Tampere and Rome.

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