Kids around the world

Thursday’s my busy day, with 5 ethics classes. And I’m also trying to get my comics buffers filled up for my trip to Europe next month, so I spent much of the in-between time working on those. After lunch I took Scully for a walk up to the main shops nearby and got myself a caramel tart for a treat, which was pretty good.

In one of my classes tonight there was a new kid. I normally ask what country they’re in, because I’m curious and like to know. He said he was in Israel. And… he said his father had just been called up to serve in the army. 😳

On my list of countries that I’ve had kids join my classes from I’m now up to 46 different countries. The last one I added was Zambia, a couple of weeks ago. And Bulgaria a few weeks before that. It’s really quite amazing when you stop to think about it, that technology allows us to do this sort of thing. I’ve had kids from every continent, except South America (and Antarctica).

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