Marking, marking, lecturing

Today was full of work for the university image processing course. I spent much of the day marking student reports. Then late in the afternoon I took Scully up to my wife’s work and played tag team, so she could take her home while I hopped on a train into the city.

I continued my quest to have dinner at a different place every week, this time trying a random Chinese place that I found by wandering around. It had a bunch of barbecue ducks hanging in the front window, and a room of empty tables since it was pretty early to eat dinner. An old Chinese woman took my oder, but I don’t think she understood any English, and she tried to ask me a question in Chinese that I didn’t understand. But I got the meal I wanted, just a simple dish of fried noodles with some mixed seafood. It was okay, but nothing special.

At the university I gave the guest lecture tonight on Human Vision and Colour Perception. This is jus a special informative lecture for the students, non-assessable, but related to the work they’re studying on computer image processing. I think the students found it interesting, and a few said afterwards they liked it, and had some questions about it.

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