Starting project marking; rampant e-bikes

This morning I finished off the Dinosaurs topic with my last three ethics classes. I had to move one class an hour earlier, filling in the gap between it and the previous class, because I had an appointment at lunch time with a doctor. Fortunately the students all said last week they could make it an hour earlier. Next week it’ll be back to the normal time.

After lunch I was walking with Scully and I came out of a narrow pedestrian path perpendicular to a main road, stepped out past the corner of the building, and nearly got hit by a food delivery e-bike speeding along the footpath. I had to step back to avoid being hit. And then I heard a screech as the driver put the brakes on hard, and when I turned to look, he’d only barely managed to stop in time to avoid hitting an old man, maybe late 60s. The old man gave the rider an earful!

These food delivery e-bikes have become a menace in many parts of Sydney. They’re not legally allowed to ride on pedestrian footpaths, but they all do it. Some are reasonably careful, but others are real cowboys and just try to go as fast as they can, dodging precariously between pedestrians. There have been several serious accidents in the past year or so. I wonder if police will crack down on them at some point – because at the moment there seems to be no enforcement of the law.

This afternoon I began marking the first student project reports from the current university image processing course. The first one I grabbed was a real treat – probably the best report I’ve read in my three years of teaching this course. Though it might be all downhill from here!

Later tonight I have the last lesson in my current Creative Thinking and Game Design course. It’ll be good to wrap another one of those up!

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