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This morning I picked up the groceries and then did a 5k run. Today was cold again, with spring back into winter mode.

I printed out a copy of the board/card game that I’ve been working on designing with my class of three kids in my Creative Thinking class (which I mentioned a few days ago). I cut out the cards and Fame counters, and played a couple of games with my wife. The game plays very quickly, in 5-10 minutes. I actually at one stage grabbed a pen and scribbled new rules on one of the cards in my hand – which caused my wife to object about me changing the rules in the middle of the game! But of course this is just good playtesting practice!

Anyway, we came up with a few potential improvements, which I can use as discussion points in the next lesson on Monday night. Apart from those, the game seems to play pretty well! I think with a few simple tweaks we can make it a decent little game.

My wife went to the local farmer’s market this morning and came home with a bag of interesting vegetables, including a small container of edible flowers. So I decided to get fancy with dinner. I made risotto with asparagus and baby zucchinis, and used the zucchini flowers and edible flowers to decorate.

Vegetable risotto

Vegetable risotto

Looks amazing, and tasted pretty good too. There are plenty of the flowers left, so it looks like we’re going to be having fancy dinners all week.

Oh, and here’s a bonus photo of Scully at the park yesterday.

Scully at Badanggari Park

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