A taste of summer

It was hot today, like a midsummer day. We reached 35.6°C in the city, and over 37°C in some suburbs. Tuesday is expected to be more of the same, although oddly tomorrow is forecast to be only 24°C. We have a cold southerly change coming through late this evening, but it won’t last very long before the heat builds up again. And this with still 2 months to go before summer starts.

I did manage another 5k run early this morning, before it got too hot, but it was 24°C even at 8am, so it wasn’t particularly comfortable running weather.

My wife and I played another game of Root again, this time swapping roles again so I played the cats and she the birds. It’s a game that requires several plays to understand the strategies, so we’re trying to play it frequently and reinforce our knowledge, not letting it fade from our brains.

Oh, and daylight saving started today here, so I’ve moved all my online classes an hour later, to keep them at the same time for all the students who don’t live in southern Australia – which is basically all of them at the moment except one.

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