A very brief trip into the university

This afternoon I dropped Scully at my wife’s work and hopped on a train into the city to head to the University of Technology Sydney for tonight’s image processing lecture. In the city I stopped at a Malaysian restaurant near the university for dinner. This is part of my plan to try a new restaurant every week during this semester. I had some curry puffs, and a beef rendang with roti. It was okay – the roti was excellent, the rendang was tasty but a bit fatty, which I don’t like, and the curry puffs were a little disappointing. Oh well, they can’t all be winners.

After eating, I got to the university and noticed it was a lot emptier than normal. There’s usually a huge queue in the main building foyer every Tuesday where they hand out free noodle soup meals for students, but that wasn’t there, and there were barely any students around. I got to the lecture room, and the electronic timetable showed that the room had nothing booked for the evening. I texted the lecturer to ask if the lecture was on, and he replied saying that it was mid-semester break!

So I had to come straight back home again. So, wow, that was a bit of a waste of an evening. At least I got home in time to spend a bit of time writing up my lesson plan for this week’s new ethics class, on Pets.

I did manage to get a nice sunset photo at the university though:

UTS sunset

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