Bath day

This morning I did another 5k run. After a shower I decided I didn’t feel like a second shower today, so decided that this evening I’d have a bath instead! I rarely have baths, but I felt like a good soak in nice warm water might do my tired muscles some good. I also had a bath bomb which I got some time ago and haven’t had the chance to use yet – something colourful and scented and moisturising. It just felt like a nice day to use it.

At lunch we took Scully for a walk over to the Italian bakery at Cammeray. I had a slice of pizza and a custard tart – delicious.

Back home we played another game of Root, this time my wife tried playing the Eyrie while I took the Marquise de Cat. It’s going to take us both a few games to get used to the wide array of strategy options.

Not much else to report about today. It was pretty easy and relaxing. Especially with that bath that I just had.

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