The new house being built nearby

Not too much out of the ordinary to report today: making Darths & Droids comics, a 5k run, and evening ethics classes. So I thought I’d mention some of the construction work going on around the neighbourhood where I live.

I’ve talked about the huge redevelopment where dozens of houses have been demolished recently and work is beginning on clearing the land to eventually build new apartments. But there’s other smaller works going on that I walk past regularly. At the top of the hill near where I begin my runs is a property which was an old 1960s-era apartment block, which has been demolished and is now going to host a modern retirement living complex. That’s approaching completion, with the building exterior done, and work now being done on the landscaping and (I assume) the interior fit-outs.

Down the street a bit from here there is a single house property which had until just a few weeks ago had an old fibro house on it. That was demolished and the land cleared super quickly, and now there’s a two-story house going up rapidly, using timber framing. Both storeys are already up!

Timber-framed houses are a bit unusual here. Most places are built with solid brick, so it kind of stands out as strange, watching it being built. There are two other residential homes not far away that were also redeveloped from old run-down homes in the past couple of years, and both of those were brick construction. Anyway, I’ll be interested to see how fast this new house goes up. My impression so far is that it’s been ridiculously rapid. I don’t have a photo, alas, but maybe I’ll take on this week.

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