Swapping my mother’s email

This morning I was home alone with Scully because my wife went to the community garden again. She brought home more green leafy vegetables, and celery and coriander.

After a quick lunch we headed out for the drive to my mother’s place, a bit over an hour away up the coast. I’d set up a new Gmail account for her and now I had to go up there to set up a mail client on their machine and port across all their email. This turned out to be a lot easier than I expected for two reasons: (1) they were using a webmail client, so I just showed them how to use Gmail from the browser. And (2) they didn’t have the expected hundreds of emails saved that required porting across. It seems they have an old-fashioned approach of deleting everything once it’s read, so I only had to transfer less than 10 messages. The simplest thing was simply to forward them to the new address. Then I set up a bookmark for Gmail, and gave them the password on a piece of paper, and we were done.

We had an afternoon tea with some pastries that my mother had bought from a shop nearby. We didn’t stay long though, and headed back home so we could catch the final Matildas game in the FIFA Women’s World Cup, the 3rd place playoff match.

In between all this I typed up the adventure log notes from last week’s Dungeons & Dragons session. I forgot the sequence of events in a couple of places, but was saved by the detailed notes that one of my players took, which he photographed and sent to me.

For dinner tonight we made pizza. With community garden leafy greens. And pumpkin and walnuts.

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