Five-class Thursday

Having moved all my Tuesday ethics classes to Thursday to make room for the university image processing course, I now have five classes to teach on Thursdays, beginning from today. Two in the morning first thing, and three in the evening, ending late. This gives me some time in the middle of the day to do a few other things, which I filled by taking Scully for a couple of walks, getting sushi rolls for lunch, making a sourdough loaf, and doing a bit of comics stuff.

Time to relax before bed….

New content today:

2 thoughts on “Five-class Thursday”

  1. Totally random, but I happened to stumble across a “Lego Jane Goodall Tribute 40530 Exclusive Building Set” on Amazon today, and couldn’t help but think of IWC. Feels like it just wouldn’t be the same to have a “proper” Jane Goodall figure though, after all these years ;D

    1. Yes, I have that set! Even though it was never available in Australia, a fan offered to get one and send it to me from the US.

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