A tale of two nights, two games

Friday was Dungeons & Dragons night! We started a new adventure, beginning with news from a small town to the north near the mountains that mark the edge of civilised lands and the beginning of the wilds. Something had been taking and killing sheep, and the town reeve offered a reward for anyone brave enough to find out what and deal with it.

The group was a little depleted (due to some player absences), but set forth and scoped out the town of Brandonstead. They met many of the local residents, including a reclusive “witch” who lived in the woods. After gathering information they determined that the heroic Sir Brandon had slain a dragon nearby 200 years ago, and that somehow perhaps the dragon may have returned, or at least something like it. Sir Brandon’s dragon-slaying sword was buried with him in a barrow near the foot of the mountains, so they set out to retrieve it. They found a group of goblins inside the tomb, and some dismembered goblin bodies…

And there we paused for the night, to pick up next time.

Today I worked on some more comics stuff. After lunch my wife and I went for a walk with Scully, to the homewares complex where I got the quote from for installation of an induction cooktop. We decided to go ahead and buy one and book a date for installation. It’s set for Wednesday 23 August, so we’re into our last fortnight of cooking with gas.

Tonight was the quarter-final match between Australia and France in the FIFA Women’s World Cup. We knew this was going to be the toughest match so far. The game started at 5pm. I asked my wife if I should start cooking dinner during the half time break (when the score was 0-0) or wait until the end of the game. She asked when it would end, and I said before 7pm, so she said wait until it’s over.

I didn’t start cooking until after 8pm. So we had a very late dinner. But it felt good after playing out a 0-0 draw and then going to a long and tense, see-sawing penalty shootout that lasted 10 shots each team. But Australia held out for the win and we now go through to a semi-final against the winner of England v Colombia (currently in progress).

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