New comic, new ethics

I was busy today, finishing off my lesson plan for tonight’s ethics classes on Heroes and Villains. Followed by writing, photographing, assembling, and uploading four new Irregular Webcomic! strips – enough to last for the rest of this week. I’d only buffered up to yesterday before I went overseas to Japan, and I wanted to fill the rest of the week with new comics if I could.

And then I worked on some Darths & Droids as well, as the buffer is close to zero. And I started work on the ethics plan for the older (13-15) kids, on the topic or Privacy. I’ll have to finish that one tomorrow.

In between, I took Scully for a walk up to the shops. Today was cold and rainy, so she had her padded raincoat on, and I had an umbrella. I’d had lunch at home, but was considering buying a special limited edition spiced apple scone from the bakery. They look great, but I realised the only place to tie up Scully while I went in was a wet bench where the lead would get wet and Scully would be in the rain, so I decided to ditch that for today and maybe try it another day soon.

I didn’t have time for much else. I’m scrambling a bit to fit everything in that I need to do to get back up to normal weekly speed after my trip.

New content today:

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