A new running route

I mentioned briefly last weekend that I tried a new running route. I tried it again today, modifying what I did last weekend to add a little extra at the beginning by going around another block, because last week I ended up home before the 2.5 km mark and had to run a bit past it. Today the distance worked out perfectly.

My normal route involves walking up a steep hill from my place, and then beginning the run on a course which is mostly gently downhill, but with three significant uphill sections. The uphills are just before the halfway mark and then two more in the second half. I climb a total of 35 m (according to Strava), but end up at an elevation 30 metres lower than where I begin.

This new route has an uphill section at the beginning, followed by a very long downhill, including a steeper downhill section, and ends with a sustained gentle uphill for about the last kilometre. The total elevation gain is 34 m, but I end up only 22 metres lower than where I begin. It feels more difficult, because it launches straight into an extended uphill, and I get a bit more winded early in the run. It’s good to have a change of scenery though. This route shares no sections in common with my usual one.

Apart from that, I had a lunch at a Thai restaurant with my wife and her family today. Her mother and sister have just returned from a trip to Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, so we were talking about that a lot.

And I worked on more Darths & Droids strips, before three ethics classes this afternoon. These were the first classes where I had to tell the students we’d be skipping the next two weeks because of my upcoming trip to Japan. This time next week I’ll be in Okayama!

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